LevelingExperts - Good Gameing Help Site ? I Think Not !

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Upon buying from www.levelingexperts.com, I found that they did not deliver what they had intended to deliver,They say that they will deliver via in game meet, within one hour or less, Here's what there FAQ guide reads,

Q: When I buy influence/infamy how is the delivery made?

A: Delivery is mainly accomplished by contacting you first to set it up( if you are not already in logged in the game). We will email you once we are ready to meet you in game. If you are not ready we will wait until you contact us by email or live HELP and log again and deliver! Your orders will normally be delivered to you instant or less then1 hour of payment face to face in-game.

It's now been well over 22+ hour's, I have sent them many email's and yet nothing ! nothing what so ever, My warning to everyone stay far and clear from this site because all you will come out with is a head full of plucked hair's from stress. Sad very sad, they do not understand the concept of customer service, They state if you cannot reach them VIA email click on there live help..well how can one click upon there live help when no one's there !, Be careful friends.

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